These days there is a growing demand for quality agriculture. With quality agriculture raises the demand of nutritional requirement. Such demands can be met only by setting up Polyhouses. Adopting Polyhouse technology will increase the crops productivity by 3 to 5 times as compared to open environment. It also helps in obtaining better quality of food products as well as increase significant job opportunities for the skilled rural men and women. The main advantage for cultivating Polyhouse is that one can raise off-season nursery as well as crops can be grown throughout the year.

Shade Net House

Net houses are basically net controlled houses which further helps in giving 5 to 7 times more yields. With Net Houses one requires less water to grow the plants, vegetables, fruits and it also helps in cultivation of these products in problematic environments and soil conditions. It also helps in saving fertilizer cost and helps in stabilization of Ultra Violet Rays. One can grow both seasonal and non-seasonal crops with help of Net Houses.

Tunnel Net House

Tunnel net houses have major applications in growing of vegetables, floriculture, fruits etc. They help in providing better and uniform quality of products thereby increasing the yield 5 to 9 times. Tunnel net houses are easy to operate and are cost effective. One can also change the temperature as per the requirement. With tunnel net houses set up one can grow various types of flowers and ornamental plants.

Urban Farming

Urban farming is the latest emerging trend in India which is leading to green future. Rooftop or patio farming not only helps in fulfilling fresh requirements of vegetables but are also providing peaceful relaxing place to an urban Indian who is always on the run of the clock. It adds greenery thereby decreasing the effects of harmful radiations and other toxic gases. With the right combination of technology, community support and economic incentives, urban farming can do wonders to our modern living and bring back those green days which are lost in chaos of city life. The chemical free vegetables are healthier to consume and has sufficient nutrition value.